Upgrading to WordPress 2.8.3

With the deprecation of WordPress 2.0.x, we thought we experiment upgrading our version of WordPress inside the dashboard instead of our usual route of upgrading with Fantastico in our server control panel.

After clicking the “Upgrade Automatically” button and entering our FTP details, we never expected the upgrade to finish at all. It was not as fast as upgrading using Fantastico.

If someone would ask us if we would upgrade our WordPress version inside the Dashboard, we would say, no. But we are glad we are now happily running the latest version of WordPress in our experimental site.

So far, we cannot find any much difference from version 2.7.1 at least in looks and feel. But as announced in the WordPress blog, the focus of WP 2.8.3 is more on security enhancements.

We will provide our comments on this latest version as we progress.